a) First Round

Competitors shall perform a program of their own choice between 25-30 min including at least

a) One or more compositions by S.Bach – original or transcriptions


b)one piece chosen from:

Clara Schumann  3 Preludes and Fugues op.16 (1845)

Robert Schumann: 4 Fugues op.76 ( 1845)
7 pieces  in Fughette form op.126  ( 1853)

Felix Mendelssohn:

6 Preludes and  Fugues  op.35 (1832)

b) Second Round

A maximum of 10 candidates  will be admitted.
Competitors shall perform  a program between 30-40 min including at least : one piece by Clara Schumann or R.Schumann or F.Mendelssohn or  J.Brahms

c) Final Round

A maximum of 3 candidates  will be admitted

Competitors shall perform with the strings of the competition  a piece chosen among :

Clara Schumann
Trio op.17 in G min. ( 1846)

Felix Mendelssohn
Trio n. 1 op.49  in D  min. (1839)

Robert Schumann
Trio n. 1 op. 63 in D  min ( 1847)

 Johannes Brahms
Trio n. 3 op.101  in C minor ( 1875)