Roberto Melini Competition was  born in 2015 to commemorate Roberto Melini  teacher for more than 20 years in Bonporti Conservatory in Trento: he was a multitasking man ; musician , archaeologist, mountain climber and skipper and  died for a mountain accident in Lagorai chain in 2013. For this reason very near Lagorai Mountain in Trentino every year young pianists meet for the competition: Altopiano di Pinè , Levico Terme e Roncegno Terme,  on the side of three different beautiful  lakes  will welcome them !
Since its inception, Roberto Melini  is a reference among the international piano awards for its unusual structure. Every year the competition is focused on a particular author or period and the Final Round is a Chamber Music round. We started with Bach & Mendelssohn ( 2015), then Schumann&Brahms ( 2016), the Russian repertoire ( 2017) , France Italy and Spain ( 2018) and the new edition 2019 dedicated to Clara Schumann (13 September 1819 and her age.
The next edition will have also a new section for Young Talents  beside the main Competition; a new adventure !
Premio Roberto Melini has awarded until now young pianists, who today are placed in international theatres and are  winner of the most important competitions in the world. We are proud to remember them:   Mladen Dabizljevic (2015) Jonas Aumiller (2016) Aleksandra Kasman (2017) Axel Trolese and Maria Kustas (2018)
The competition is a formal member of “Alink-Argerich Foundation” since 2016 and has prestigious collaborations with italian and international music institutions who offer prize concerts to the winners.

The beautiful surroundings of the Trentino mountains, the friendly atmosphere,  the friendship among the candidates make the competition an unforgettable experience.

I have to thank the members the Jury of the past editions,  Melini Family, Associazione ArcheoTrento, the  SAT ( Society Alpine of Trentino),  the public Institutions and private sponsors, the organization and all those which help in a decisive way Premio Roberto Melini

Antonella Costa
Artistic Director